Top Accounting Job Search Mistakes


You’re looking for a new finance or accounting job. You organize your job search, polish your resume, and prepare to wow potential employers. But you may be torpedoing your chances without even realizing it. To avoid becoming the candidate whose resume gets placed on the discard pile, sidestep these common accounting job search mistakes.

Not Following the Steps
Oddly enough, candidates don’t always follow the steps in the application process. Ensure that you don’t make this mistake, and if the employer asks a specific question as part of the application process answer it appropriately.

No Accomplishments Section on Your Resume
Treat your resume as one of your main marketing calling cards.  Make sure, therefore, to include an accomplishments section under each of your roles. Each accomplishment should be quantified with specific numbers if possible. Resumes should also be modified for each role that you apply to.

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Not Preparing for the Interview
According to Marsha Forde, HR Director for Workopolis, candidates need to “present themselves as in-line with their industry” and should be able to “offer insight into how they made [their] previous organizations better.” It’s imperative, Forde says, to understand a company’s culture so that you can “present yourself accordingly.” She advises tailoring your answers to the organization’s goals.

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Ignoring Social Media
Don’t ignore social media. It’s likely that your next opportunity will come from someone you know. Update your LinkedIn profile and participate actively in LinkedIn groups. Consider starting a blog post where you discuss the hot button topics of your industry. Make sure to share your posts on social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Build and nurture relationships, they will be the bridge to your new role.

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Choosing Bad References
Vet your references and prepare them for your prospective employer’s phone call. A good reference can be the final icing on the cake, while a poor reference can end your chances of securing a role.

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Not Following Up
Following up after an interview gives you an opportunity to make one final, positive impression. It also allows you to briefly mention anything that you wish you’d said during the interview.

Not Connecting with a Recruiter
Recruiters have an inside line on job opportunities that are not made public. They also have a wide network of employer contacts. Select a recruiter that specializes in the finance and accounting industry for maximum benefit.

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Key Takeaways
Make sure to follow the steps in the job application process. Understand that your resume and LinkedIn profile are key marketing calling cards and should be treated appropriately. Prepare for your interview by understanding the company’s culture and goals. Choose references that will speak about you in the best, possible light. Follow up after your interview to make a final, positive impression. Connect with a finance and accounting recruiter, they have a wide network of employer contacts. Follow these tips to help you avoid making a costly accounting job search mistake.

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