Top Interview Tips for Accounting Jobs: Part 1


When you have to staff a vacancy, there’s no time to waste. And with the increasing complexity of hiring finance professionals, securing quality talent that is a fit for your organization can be challenging.

Regardless of whether you’re an HR professional, a member of an internal recruitment team, or a finance manager, these first two interview tips will help make hiring for accounting jobs a much more effective, efficient process.

Conduct an Internal Assessment

First and foremost on the list of interview tips for accounting jobs is to do an internal assessment of the role to be filled. Consider which requirements are key for success, evaluating both short and long-term needs. Remember, as well, to speak to the relevant stakeholders who are most impacted by the hiring position.


Next develop a scorecard that you can use to objectively assess candidates across a variety of factors. This injects a degree of objectivity into the process and keeps everyone on the same page, streamlining the timeline of the final decision.

Use these first two interview tips to lay the foundation for success when you are looking to locate and secure quality talent. Later this week we’ll explore the final two tips in conducting an effective interview.