Where Toronto Accountants Search for Jobs


Whether you’re currently unemployed, or considering a transition, you need to be proactive in your job search.

The finance and accounting industry continues to be competitive for those looking to land a role with a great company. Here are 3 places that Toronto accountants look for their dream job.

Internal Networks

Accountants in Toronto need to be great at building business partnerships. Why? Because if you have been connecting with people outside of your department, doing favors when asked and delivering on expectations, then the networking battle is three quarters won. Remember, a well-developed internal network allows you to keep your ear to the ground and take note of any upcoming opportunities. While many of us start networking when we think we might be transitioning, proactively building business partnerships before we want to make the leap is a much better approach.

External Networks

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn is more than just having a great profile. It’s participating in groups in a relevant way from a posture of service. LinkedIn allows you to grow your external network, position yourself as someone of value and say “look at me” without ever actually saying “look at me.” It also allows you to build strategic relationships with people who work at companies you may want to transition to. LinkedIn, if utilized correctly, is a great ally in your job search process

Consider as well attending events with your accounting body, or local Chamber of Commerce. While the Internet has opened up the world of networking for the introverts among us, the power of face-to-face contact to start and maintain relationships cannot be denied.

Specialized Recruiters

A recruiter who specializes in the finance and accounting industry, can be a great resource for you. Recruiters have access to the decision makers, know about jobs that have not been advertised and can help you expedite your job search process.  By building a relationship with a recruiter based on mutual respect, you have someone in your corner lobbying for you.

If you are an accountant in Toronto in job search mode consider networking internally and externally, while leveraging the existing network of a specialized recruiter to help position yourself for a successful transition into a new role.