What Not to Say to a Finance Recruiter


If you’ve brought a finance recruiter into your job search efforts, it’s worth your time and energy to build a relationship that’s going to create success for both parties.  This means that your finance recruiter needs to know that you are engaging in a transparent conversation.  Here are 5 things you need to avoid saying to ensure you don’t torpedo the process.

“I’m Not Sure What I Want.”
Part of the recruiter’s role is to understand who you are and what makes you tick so that they can place you in an appropriate role.  The more definitive you can be (while still being flexible), the better.  This includes understanding which industry you want to be a part of, your career aspirations and your true motivation for wanting to exit your role.  And while finance recruiters do want to know the kind of company culture you need, they don’t need a lot of detail about your personal life.  It is best to keep the conversation as professional as possible.  One caveat to this – if you have a family or external motivation for taking a step back please tell your finance recruiter this to ensure they find the right role for you.

“I’m Not Sure of the Value of This.”
We get it.  Historically, you’ve used your own network and know-how to land a job.  Perhaps you’re feeling unsure about the process.  But please don’t tell a finance recruiter that you don’t think there’s value in working with them.  They start to wonder how invested you are.

“My Last Role Was…” (Followed by a Long-Winded Rant)
At some point, probably sooner in the conversation than later, your finance recruiter will want to know why you need to transition.  This is not the time to go to your unhappy place.  Speak instead from a place of lessons.  Put another way, what did your experience teach you?  Have you learned that you need a chance to progress, be mentored or access supported professional development?  Is the money not a fit?  Do you need a different kind of leadership style?  Focus on what helps you be successful.  Position information in a way that is constructive and forward thinking.  Remember, your recruiter is trying to decide how to market you.

“Look at My Resume.”
Chances are your finance recruiter has already reviewed your resume and is looking for you to expand on a particular point.  Rather than telling them to look at your resume, take this as an opportunity to explain what makes you good at what you do.  Show passion and enthusiasm for past experiences.  Finance recruiters talk to talent every day.  Make sure you stand out.

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“I Am an Excel Guru.”
For all that is sacred in the land of self-promotion, please do not tell your finance recruiter that you’re an Excel guru unless you are one.  You are trying to forge a relationship based on transparency, and overselling your skill set undermines that.  Be honest about your strengths and your challenges.  Even better, if you’ve identified a weakness in your skill set, outline the courses or strategies you’re taking to correct it.  Finance recruiters love candidates who constantly strive to get better.

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Key Takeaways
A relationship founded on mutual respect and transparency is the key to generating successful outcomes when speaking with a finance recruiter.  Don’t oversell your skill set.  Identify what type of role and industry works for you and why.  Be clear about what you bring to the table.  Be open to learning from your recruiter who will understand current market conditions.  A great finance recruiter will want you to explain your motivation for transitioning and what makes you tick.  By developing a good rapport with your recruiter, you help them market you more effectively and this can only lead to a new role and industry that you’re passionate about.

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