Why CPA’s Make Great Finance Recruiters


Sometimes when we’re younger, we make career choices that make sense for that moment.  We work hard, get our designation and move forward into an accounting or finance job.  Maybe we even move up the corporate ladder.  But at some point along the way we realize that finance and accounting is no longer a fit.  Of course, transitioning is challenging.  We wonder what else we could possibly do. Here’s why CPAs make great finance recruiters.

Control of Schedule
Cyriac Alappat, CPA, CA is now a finance recruiter.  We spoke to him about why he left the world of debits and credits for the more front facing role of finance and accounting recruitment.  To Cyriac, it was the ability to control his own deadlines that most appealed to him.  He says, “You’re in control of your own time.  You don’t have to meet an audit deadline, for example.  What you focus on is getting placements.  This allows you to manage your own schedule."

Leverage Your Skills
For many accountants, finance recruiting allows them to leverage what they’ve learned at their firm or in their designation, but do it in a more client facing role.  As Cyriac says, “The lack of interpersonal interaction in many finance and accounting roles can lead to overall dissatisfaction.”  He goes on, “A lot of us get into accounting at a young age.  We get designated.  But we know that it’s not the right career for us.  The problem is that we don’t want to sacrifice all of the work that we put in.  Recruiting allows you to leverage the skills you’ve gained as an accountant in a different way.”

Get Compensated and Build Relationships
Recruiters earn a base salary plus commission, (often earning a more lucrative income then they do at their firm) allowing them to see how their hard work translates directly into dollar and cents.  Finance recruiting also enables a CPA to develop long-term relationships with their team, senior business executives and candidates.

Transferable Skills
There are a number of skills that CPAs possess that transfer well to the world of finance and accounting recruitment.

  • CPAs have an ability to speak to executives with presence.
  • CPAs have a strong work ethic.
  • Strong CPAs understand that they are business partners. Similarly, great recruiters are true consultants. They work collaboratively with the hiring authority, share knowledge and add value to the process.
  • A CPA’s knowledge of accounting and finance creates instant credibility with candidates.
  • CPAs have an understanding of what candidates are offering, and whether their depth of accounting knowledge is suitable for a given role.

What to Look For in a Recruiting Firm

  • A teaching culture – an organizational culture that has comprehensive in-house training, mentoring and a mandate that leadership comes from everyone
  • A belief that the recruiting industry needs to evolve, and the investment of time and resources in making that happen (proprietary technology and research)
  • A tenured team that invests in each other’s success
  • Core values that speak to who you are as a person, not just an employee
  • A reputation founded on integrity and business partnering

Key Takeaways
There are options for CPAs who want to transition into different roles.  One choice is the world of finance and accounting recruitment.  Understand that as a CPA you have many transferable skills that make you appealing to recruiting organizations.  Know what type of firm you want to work for.  Make sure to read about their core values and their investment in the people that work for them.  If you see yourself leveraging the skills and values you gained as a CPA into a different kind of career, then recruiting may just be for you.

For more information on making the leap from CPA to finance recruiter check out this or contact Cyriac Alappat.

Your Next Step
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