Why Knowing a Second Language Can Help Your Accounting Career


In an increasingly competitive market, it helps to have something that differentiates you from other candidates. In this case, speaking a second language fluently, particularly ones such as French, German, Spanish or Mandarin, can definitely make you stand out. Here’s why all of those second language lessons can help your accounting career.

Connecting with Clients
For companies that regularly deal with international clients, having someone on the team who is fluent in a second language is a valuable asset. After all, a true understanding of someone’s language typically translates into an insider’s view of their culture.

Bilingual candidates are at a premium. Being able to connect with colleagues and vendors in their own language can lead to better relationships, service and sales.

Travel Opportunities
Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in another culture? As companies continue to service a more global audience and extend their international reach, opportunities to land lucrative work abroad are available for those who can speak the language fluently.

Being able to speak a second language can position you for promotion. Keep in mind that you don’t have to work for a large company to reap the benefits of speaking a second language. Small organizations need multilingual people who can help them explore new business opportunities in foreign markets.

Improvement of Other Business Related Skills
There appear to be other benefits to learning a second language beyond the obvious. Research reveals that those who receive second language instruction exhibit strong creativity and complex problem solving skills. They also demonstrate a high degree of mental flexibility, and excel at planning, prioritizing and decision-making.

Read:Why Learn a Foreign Language? Benefits of Bilingualism” to read more about the cognitive advantages of learning a foreign language.

Languages Worth Considering
In Canada, it clearly pays to be able to speak French fluently, but what other languages offer the greatest return on investment? According to this article in Forbes, Mandarin, Spanish and German are the 3 languages that offer the greatest boost to your career. “Mandarin-Chinese and German are especially helpful to know if you work in the manufacturing or the financial sphere.” And it’s not surprising that since Forbes is an American magazine, Spanish also gets the nod as a language that can pay positive dividends. 

Key Takeaways
Learning a second language does more than boost your resume. It makes you more marketable, builds business-related skills and opens up opportunities for you in an increasingly global marketplace. And while not all of us want to spend hours conjugating verbs in various tenses, the payoff for the hard work and determination that comes with learning a second language is evident for your accounting career.

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