Why You Need To Be a CPA


If you’re already juggling your career and personal life, the additional demands of getting designated may be as appealing as a room full of toddlers who have had too much sugar. Realistically though, there are advantages to becoming a CPA.

Here’s why you should strongly consider getting designated.

Prestige and Respect
Becoming a CPA shows that you have an advanced level of expertise and proficiency. It also demonstrates an ability to set goals and achieve them. After all, passing the rigorous CPA curriculum is no easy task.

Career Security
Accountants who are designated enjoy a greater level of career security. Between baby boomers retiring and the need to enforce higher standards of public corporate accounting, there is a strong demand for CPAs.

Soft Skill Development and Advancement
Getting designated helps build key soft skills that are necessary for career progression. The CPA, CMA for example, involves a two year strategic leadership program which includes enabling competencies (soft skills) such as group dynamics and problem-solving.

Research: When Clarity Recruitment polled 44 senior leaders and C-Suite members about which traits most affected a hire’s success, communication skills easily secured first place. Your ability to advance, therefore, is not only dependent on your technical prowess, but also on how well you communicate with your finance and non-finance peers. Business partnering skills are of paramount importance.

Download this resource to learn more about which traits C-suite members and senior leaders are looking for when they hire accountants and finance professionals.

Having a CPA designation increases your marketability and opportunities to travel. Want a chance to see the world? Then getting designated is a definite must do.

If you’re a CPA, chances are that you increase your opportunities for advancement and start at a higher salary than someone that is not designated. According to an article entitled “Why Become a CPA,” “the mean average compensation of Canada’s professional accountants in all working sectors, age ranges and regions in the country was $141,000.”

Key Takeaways
Being a CPA opens doors. It offers prestige, increased chances for advancement and superior compensation. It shows hiring managers that you can set an ambitious goal and achieve it. Fundamentally, for those accountants looking to increase their marketability, becoming a CPA is a definite advantage.

Your Next Step
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