Why You Shouldn’t Stop Job Searching Over the Holidays


The holiday season is here. It can be tempting to take time off from everything, including the stressful experience of searching for a finance or accounting job. After all, you deserve a break. But opportunity is still out there, and if you stop looking, you might miss it.

Here’s why you shouldn’t stop your job search over the holiday season.

People Continue to Hire
While it used to be said that November and December were the worst times to search for a job, the reality is that firms continue to hire, either to position themselves for a strong start in the new year, or because they need to bring a resource on board for a final push. Regardless, the holiday season is not the time to rest on your laurels.

Opportunity to Network
The likeliest way you’ll land your next opportunity is through someone you know, and the beauty of networking during the holiday season is that it does not feel forced. Reach out to former colleagues and ask if they want to have a coffee. Send greetings to people via LinkedIn and work hard to continue to build your network at holiday functions. Consider sending your contacts a “happy holidays” note just to keep yourself front of mind. Remember, short discussions can turn into long-term opportunities.

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The Competition
Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Your toughest competition, the ones who want a role the most, will not stop job searching during the holiday season and neither should you. 

January is Coming
Position yourself for the inevitable job rush that comes with the new year. Continue to revise your resume, tweak your LinkedIn profile and build your online brand. Social media can be a great way to continue to job hunt during the holiday season. 

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Be Responsive
Check your email and LinkedIn account every day. An employer may have reached out and is expecting a response. Don’t miss an opportunity because you decided to gear back for the holidays.

Losing Momentum? Here’s how to Get Your Job Search Mojo Back

  • Volunteer at your favorite not-for-profit – network and build your portfolio at the same time
  • Connect with other job seekers
  • Optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile – read “Finance Job Tips – Leveraging Keywords” for advice on how to do this.
  • Consider signing up for a digital course that will allow you to learn something new at your own pace  – Fill a skill gap and bolster your resume in the process

Key Takeaways
It’s understandable why you’d want to take the holiday season off. But firms are still hiring, positioning themselves for January, or because they need to do a final push on a project or initiative. Take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities that December provides. Reach out to colleagues on LinkedIn and ask if they want to meet for coffee. Send your contacts a “happy holidays” note to keep yourself front of mind. Check your email and LinkedIn account every day in case an employer (or former colleague) has reached out. Understand that your toughest competition hasn’t stopped searching, and those that have, have left a gap that you could fill. Don’t rest on your laurels during the holiday season. 

Your Next Step
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