3 Signs Your Hiring Process Needs a Makeover


You’re frustrated. You don’t seem to be able to attract, let alone land, the person who could be a difference maker for your organization.

If this sounds familiar then it is likely that your hiring process is in need of a makeover.

Sign 1: Losing Candidates During the Interview Process
An interview process that is too lengthy for mid-level roles such as an analyst or controller is one of the main reasons companies lose out on top talent. A hiring process of more than a month increases your risk significantly that the A+ talent you want to secure could go somewhere else. Remember if you’re actively interviewing them, it’s likely other firms are too.

Sign 2: Offers Are Being Rejected
Offers get rejected primarily for one reason – compensation. Quality does not come cheaply and you need your offer to be in-line with market expectations so you don’t lose out. If you’re looking for a very specific skill set, or a top performer then understand that there will likely be a premium attached to landing them.

Sign 3: Not Attracting the Right Talent
If you’re not attracting the right talent in the first place it’s likely an issue with how you’re communicating about the role. If you’ve engaged a recruiter make sure you give them access to the line manager. Ask yourself if each person the recruiter speaks with is consistent in their messaging about role requirements. Ensure that there is alignment between internal stakeholders about the kind of person needed. If you’re utilizing LinkedIn or other job boards make sure that the job description is written to attract the right kind of person.

If you’re not attracting the right talent, offers are being rejected or you’re losing them during the interview process it is likely that you need to re-work how you hire. After all, who wants to go back to the drawing board three months down the road and start all over again?