3 Ways to Tell a Good Recruiter from a Bad One


You’ve been in job search mode for a while now and have realized that a recruiter might help you transition to your next role.

It’s key, however, to bring the right person on board.

Here are 3 ways to tell if the recruiter you’re dealing with will move your career forward or not.

Active Listening Skills
Find a recruiter who listens to understand, not just to reply. You want someone who can fully appreciate what your goals are and what motivates you. With this information in hand, they can match you to the appropriate role. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time with a recruiter, clearly articulating where you want to go next and then being presented with roles that aren’t a fit.

You will hear the same patter from most recruiters, “We build relationships” or “We have years of experience.” And while both of these are important, you need a recruiter that can differentiate himself/herself from the pack. Start by selecting a recruiter that specializes in the finance and accounting industry. Then identify how he/she can specifically add value to the process. Is there access to cutting edge technology for example? At the end of the day, you want to be more than a number in someone’s data base.

Transferrable Skills
You need a recruiter who can market you effectively. Part of this is an ability to identify your transferrable skills and communicate how they can add value to the client. Many recruiters are simply ‘order takers’ for their client rather than advisors. Good recruiters understand that the most successful placement experiences happen when collaboration occurs and take action accordingly.

Want to identify a good recruiter? Look for someone who can differentiate themselves from the herd. Make sure he/she listens carefully to what you need and invests in finding the right role for you. After all, a great recruiter can be the difference maker in helping you land the job that takes you to the next level.