5 Signs of a Bad Accountant


We’ve all had it happen to us – a bad hire. Accountants who do not perform up to expectations can derail a team, set a company back months and cause damage to an organization’s bottom line.

There are definitely signs that you could be hiring a bad accountant. To help ensure that you don’t, read on.

Jumpy Resume

If your candidate has a resume that shows them switching roles multiple times, this could be a sign that they are unable to commit to an organization, or lack the staying power when times get tough. Either way, make a point to inquire about it during the pre-screening or interview process.

Recurring Demotion

Another sign of a bad accountant is if their resume reveals a downgrading in roles, indicating their inability to manage increasing levels of responsibility, or motivate a team. If your candidate started as a Director, was demoted to Manager and ended most recently as an Analyst, you have cause for concern.

Minimal Professional Development

Bad accountants, typically, demonstrate a lack of investment in professional development. You need someone to grow with your organization, who can stay current and relevant and proactively seeks out opportunities for on-going professional growth.

Sub-Par Industry Knowledge

If your potential candidate reveals a lack of awareness around relevant accounting issues and topics, it may be time to pull the plug. Top performers understand what is happening in their industry, and can offer insightful, and consequently valuable feedback, about current concerns.

Lack of Clarity on the Resume

In a group of people who are supposed to be detail-oriented, lack of clarity on a resume is a cause for concern. Strong resumes are concise, communicate clearly and are outcome focused. A good accountant should be able to demonstrate their value on their resume.

To avoid hiring bad accountants look for the five red flags above.