5 Words to Remove From Your Finance Resume


With resumes still an integral part of the hiring process, it pays to have one that captures and holds the attention of the hiring manager. A great resume, if done correctly, can do wonders to promote your professional brand.

If laden with generic terms that are overused, however, it can get you placed on the discard pile. Here are 5 words or phrases to avoid using on your finance resume.

Team Player
If we had a nickel for every time we saw the words “team player” written on a resume, we would have houses in the Bahamas and maybe a jet ski or two, or… (now where were we?). Right, “team player” is rather overused. Instead, try explaining how you led a team to success, or perhaps how you specifically contributed to a team win.

In the accounting and finance world it pays to be someone who can focus on a goal and nail it. On your resume, however, “results-oriented” does nothing to detail your success. Instead, focus on showing how you achieved outcomes. Keep your language specific (an Accomplishments section is a good idea). Generic does not win the day when it comes to crafting a top tier resume.

This word comes with a caveat. If you’re truly an expert Excel whiz, then by all means use the word. The problem is that we’ve seen people position themselves as expert when their skill set does not support it. Remember anything on a resume is subject for questioning in an interview. Qualify your experience level carefully here.

Hard Working
You don’t need to use the phrase “hard working” to communicate that on your resume. Instead, focus on creating a resume that speaks to career progression. Let your accomplishments and experience tell the right story.

Phrases such as “finance is my first love” (What! Not Mary Beth from grade 6 math class?) are overselling your engagement level. Instead of using the word “love,” use outcome focused language to communicate your commitment to doing a job well. How have you added value? Are you willing to go the extra mile?

If you want your resume to shine, remove generic terms that do little to communicate specific value. Focus on keeping your language outcome oriented. Remember that your resume can help to build your professional brand and as such you need to craft it correctly.