Accounting Job Search Tips: Job Board or Recruiter


Many job seekers start their accounting job search on platforms like Indeed. And while job boards offer many benefits, it can feel like your resume is dropping into a black hole. Are job boards a thing of the past, or can they help you land your next accounting job?

The Benefits of Job Boards
There are a number of benefits associated with job boards. For one, they offer keyword searches, thus allowing you to refine your job search. You can also set up job alerts so that you are made aware of any new jobs in your industry. Some job boards allow you to post your resume publicly, thus increasing your exposure to potential employers. You can also search at your leisure for roles that interest you and apply privately.

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The Limitations of Job Boards
Here’s an interesting statistic – for candidates, job boards have a 2-4% success rate in getting you to your next opportunity, whereas networking has a 50% success rate. Where would you rather invest your time? From an employer’s point of view who would you rather hire – someone you know (or who has been referred to you) versus a complete unknown that looks good on paper?  Here are some limitations of job boards:

  • Hiring managers often use applicant tracking systems to review and rank resumes – meaning your resume could get missed if it doesn’t contain the right keywords, skills and experiences
  • Highly competitive – hundreds of others have also seen the job posting and applied
  • Many job postings never get to job boards as HR managers or hiring agents use social media platforms like LinkedIn, or face-to-face networking opportunities to source talent

One of the advantages to using a recruiter is that you can choose one that specializes in the finance or accounting industry. To a prospective employer, a recruiter can be a timesaver. To a candidate, a recruiter can provide access to opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Whether you’re actively looking, or a passive candidate (employed but open to the right opportunity) a finance or accounting recruiter can offer help with a personalized and confidential job search. The client company pays for the service, meaning the candidate does not. Fees are arranged ahead of time and so do not impact salary or wages.

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Key Takeaways
While job boards offer exposure to hundreds of potential positions, they lack the effectiveness of networking in securing your next opportunity. Consider using LinkedIn instead to build your network and professional brand. Connect with a finance or accounting recruiter to access opportunities that would not normally be available to you. You’ll greatly increase your chances of landing your next finance or accounting job.

Your Next Step
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