The Best Finance Cover Letter We’ve Ever Received


Generic cover letters that simply summarize your resume are not sufficient to engage a prospective employer.

Finance cover letters today are really an introduction to your professional brand and as such need to be as meticulously crafted as your resume.

Of all the cover letters we’ve received we agreed that one in particular stood out. Here’s why.

One exceptional cover letter that we saw clearly showed that the candidate had done his research. He selectively highlighted three achievements that connected to what the organization was trying to accomplish. Doing this showed that he understood how his skills could directly benefit the employer. He subsequently got an interview and landed the job.

The format of our gold star cover letter was clean and clear. Great cover letters are short and to the point, ideally no more than one half to three quarters of a page. They don’t contain large blocks of text and multiple fonts. They also prioritize white space.

Professional Brand
Do you thrive under pressure, excel at building business partnerships or leading teams to success? Do you like to step in and bring order from chaos? Put another way, how does your professional brand make you a match for the role you want and its requirements? Our candidate’s winning cover letter was very clear about his professional brand. He wrote a letter brimming with energy and motivation that matched the culture of the fast-paced start-up he was applying to. When his prospective employer read it she immediately wanted to interview him.

Think of your cover letter as a high level look at what makes you a fit for the role. Don’t only consider work experience, but your core values as well. Write a cover letter that engages the reader, but keep it concise. Most importantly, create one that does your professional brand justice.