Why the Best Finance Recruiters Care About Passive Candidates


Imagine that you are perfectly happy with your car. It runs well, performs to expectations and you really have no complaints. At the same time, the idea of driving a Porsche, any Porsche for that matter, appeals to you.

You’d be willing to trade up if the right situation appeared – price, features and well, winning the lottery. Passive candidates are described as those who are currently employed, and they can feel about their roles, the way you might feel about your car. While not actively looking, they might transition if the right opportunity came along. The best finance recruiters care about passive candidates. Here’s why.

Access to Strategic Career Builders

Passive candidates don’t jump for a job. They jump for a career building opportunity. This might manifest as a better core value fit, a promotion, or an opportunity to connect with a mentor who could be a difference maker in their career. For a finance recruiter this is very appealing. It means that passive candidates change roles from a place of analysis and strategy, rather than emotion or need. The benefit: higher rates of retention for the client and greater levels of satisfaction for the candidate.

Reaching Top Talent

Top talent doesn’t usually peruse job websites, or actively look for roles in traditional ways. They don’t have to, jobs come to them. As a client your ability to recruit and land top performers is compromised because of this. Finance recruiters build relationships with passive candidates. The benefit is twofold. The recruiter gains access to great talent on behalf of his/her client and the candidate hears about opportunities that he or she might have missed otherwise.

Great finance recruiters have an awareness that top talent will transition for the right opportunity. They cultivate relationships so that they can pair exceptional talent with a remarkable company, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership and a checkmark in the win column.