Hiring Accountants? Why Communication is Key


For many managers, hiring time is akin to placing flaming bamboo shoots under their fingernails. But there is hope in sight.

There are a few things you can do to streamline the process and increase your chances of success, particularly if you’re working with a tenured finance and accounting recruitment agency.


Access to Key Stakeholders
Imagine if you will that there are three of you involved in the hiring process. This could realistically mean that there are three different visions for the role. To minimize the complications that come with conflicting information allow the recruiter to access all of the key stakeholders that are most impacted by the decision.

The benefit: a viable shortlist of suitable candidates.

Changes in Organization
Keep your recruiter abreast of any organizational changes that might affect the role. After all, some roles take longer to fill because of their complexity. In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, what’s needed can change from one month to the next.

Firstly, allow your recruiter to access your calendar. Collaboratively block off time for interviews. Next, offer to let your recruiter know as quickly as you can about how the interviews went. Feedback allows the recruiter to refine his/her search. The more the recruiter gets to know the company and its preferences, the more efficient the search process becomes.

Exclusive Search
Consider an exclusive search. It will result in a more consistent message to the candidate pool and consequently talent that’s a better fit for the company’s core values and goals.

To streamline the process offer your finance and accounting recruitment agency access to the key decision-makers. Block off time for interviews. Keep your recruiter in the loop by giving them feedback as soon as the interviews are done. This will help keep the details fresh in your mind. Consider an exclusive search and let the recruiter know if organizational changes are forthcoming. By doing the above you increase your chances of a successful outcome.