How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Toronto Recruiters


Whether you’re looking for your first job, or ready to jump to a new one, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help catch the eye of a finance or accounting recruiter. But what if you haven’t started a profile, or failed to update it since you took your last job? Here are some tips to get you noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn.


Understand Search Engines
Search engine optimization, SEO for short (don’t we sound fancy now?) involves understanding how Google and other search engines locate and identify information on the web. LinkedIn allows recruiters to use similar principles to locate potential talent by typing in keywords. Think carefully about including certain phrases that make you more searchable. Look at different job postings from various recruitment agencies. What words are most associated with your role? SAP? Excel?  The more keywords you identify (and synonyms of them if applicable) the more searchable you’ll become.

Tip: Read this article for an inside look at how recruiters use LinkedIn to identify talent.

The Right Recommendations
There can be a temptation to reach out and ask for a recommendation from a past employer without further direction. Be strategic in your request. Consider skills you want to emphasize, or experience that should be highlighted. Keep in mind, however, that the fact that recommendations exist at all on your profile indicates that people think you add value and that’s already a great sign.

Tip: Don’t just connect with your former hiring managers, co-workers can also provide valuable references. If someone is busy, offer to write the recommendation for them. You’d be surprised how people might appreciate this time saver.

The Photo
We know, you don’t think a photo is really a necessity. But did you know that recruiters and hiring managers are much more likely to click on a profile with a picture (7 times more likely according to this Forbes article).

Tip:  Keep the image as professional as possible, rather than reflective of a hobby or interest.

Your Connections
Think strategically about your connections. Where do you want to work? Who could be a valuable connection in making that happen? Is there someone to whom you could add value? Consider your 2nd level connections – these are people who are linked to you through a mutual connection. Perhaps there are opportunities there to broaden your network. Once you create the connection, make sure to strengthen it by sharing content that might interest them. Become a thought leader by publishing content on the hot buttons in your industry and participate in relevant group discussions. And remember accomplishments attract more attention than duties, so consider what you are writing under each of your roles.

Tip:  If you and a recruiter are in the same group this will help you gain ground in the search results.

Key Takeaways
Generating interest in your LinkedIn profile is a matter of investing energy the right way.  Think carefully about how recruiters might be searching for you.  Develop and foster strategic connections.  Keep current with industry topics and participate actively in building your professional brand by sharing or publishing relevant content. Commit to contributing to LinkedIn for one hour per week.  This will enable you to build relationships and identify opportunities before you are looking for work.

Your Next Step
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