How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Next Great Accountant


In a perfect world we would post a job description and be inundated with top-notch accounting and finance talent. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and we often end up wading through a pool of resumes that don’t quite measure up. Using LinkedIn, however, can help us source our next great accountant. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to identify and land candidates that will deliver for your organization.

Job Description
Job descriptions matter. Specifically, job descriptions that speak directly to the kind of candidates you are hoping to attract are much more successful at bringing in great talent than generic postings.

We’ve posted a lot of job descriptions on LinkedIn in our role as finance and accounting recruiters in the GTA. Here’s what works:

  • Engage the key stakeholders in crafting the job description – talk about “must haves,” and “nice to haves”
  • Great job descriptions contain a hook that makes the candidate want to read more
  • Use “you” instead of “the candidate” to personalize the job description
  • Emotion engages buying behavior, so speak to your candidates’ aspirations
  • Include a call to action that encourages the candidate to apply
  • Culture is important, so speak about your company’s culture and why it would appeal to your candidate pool

Need help with your job description? Download this resource.

Status Updates
Post your job description as an individual status update. Ask a few well-connected friends to “like” the update. This will get the post in front of their friends as well. On your company page, share a similar status update to ensure that your company’s followers know that you’re looking to hire. Ask your employees to “like” the update.

Company Page
Have a strong company page. Post industry news and write blogs that speak to your company’s culture and successes. Include blogs that might address your candidate and client pain points if relevant. Make sure your culture is clearly communicated in every facet of your page – images, company summary and any posts. You want to keep brand messaging consistent so that candidates know what you stand for.

Pro Tip: Make sure to review your company’s followers list periodically. You may find great candidates there. Read a candidate’s recommendations after looking at their profile to validate your thinking on his or her potential.

Start a group that your candidate pool would be interested in joining. Create discussions that are hot button industry topics and encourage others to join the conversation. Participate in other groups to build relationships that could connect you to your next top accounting or finance hire.

ReadSix Ways to Grow a LinkedIn Group” to get tips on how to build a group that top talent wants to join.

If you’re going to use the Advanced People Search function ensure that you think like a search engine:

  • The title is a critical part of the algorithm, so try different titles to find the best match
  • Include keywords that reflects specialty skills, software and industry experience
  • In the company field section consider typing in your competitors’ names to access passive job seekers (those seekers who may leave for the right opportunity, but are not actively in the market)

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Post a Job
Perhaps the most obvious strategy is to post a job on LinkedIn’s job board. Like any job site, LinkedIn’s job board is keyword searchable and geared towards attracting talent. You can also sponsor your role to improve visibility for an additional cost.

Key Takeaways
LinkedIn can be a great way to find your next top accountant or finance professional. Create job descriptions that appeal to your candidate pool. Post content and status updates on your personal and company page that would appeal to industry professionals. Participate in relevant group discussions to help build relationships, or consider starting a group. Search your company’s followers regularly for potential hires and read their recommendations. Ultimately, if you use LinkedIn correctly you’ve got a good chance of finding your next top hire.

Your Next Step
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