The Top 10 Traits of the Best Finance Candidates


There are definitely traits that differentiate the average finance candidate from the exceptional one. These attributes lead to professional success, but also advance the goals and objectives of their organizations. Here are the top 10 traits of the best finance candidates.

Albert Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Grit and tenacity are the hallmarks of great accounting and finance candidates.

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Business Partnering
The role of finance has evolved from number cruncher to strategic influencer and advisor. Finance candidates who have demonstrated strong business partnering skills are in high demand. Look for candidates who have cross-functional work experience

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The finance and accounting world moves quickly. Finance and accounting hires are being asked to excel in fast-paced environments that are constantly evolving. Top finance candidates demonstrate an ability to don multiple hats, change gears if needed and work with imperfect information.

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Leadership doesn’t always happen from the front. It can also occur in the trenches. Look for candidates that have a willingness to roll up their sleeves, but also the ability to inspire others.

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Continuous Improvement
Candidates who are committed to continuous improvement demonstrate a desire to grow their skill set through professional development, taking on leadership roles, or by seeking a mentor. These type of candidates are particularly valuable as they’ll strive to improve the operational efficiency of processes and systems.

Analytical Skills
The most influential leaders in finance have top notch analytical skills that allow them to see the patterns in the data that others might miss.

Work with Big Data
Increasingly, accountants need high level tech skills to succeed.  This is particularly true as big data transforms the accounting and finance industry.

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Communication Skills
Can your candidate communicate with non-finance personnel? Do they understand that in order to gain buy-in they need to adapt their communication style to their audience? If so, you have a great finance candidate on your hands.

A CPA, for example, has many ethical responsibilities to navigate. Hire someone, therefore, who demonstrates a commitment to adhering to professional ethics. In a growing age of transparency, ethics matter.

The ability to perform well without direct supervision is an asset. Candidates who can self-manage are typically resourceful, self-motivated and good at prioritizing. Look for candidates who demonstrate a desire for autonomy, while still operating successfully in a team environment.

Key Takeaways
Candidates with cross-functional experience, who demonstrate strong business partnering skills and an adaptable communication style are coveted. Hire those who exhibit tenacity, self-motivation and strong ethics. Finally, great tech skills, leadership potential and a commitment to continuous improvement are also hallmarks of strong finance candidates.

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