Top Interview Tips for Accounting Jobs: Part 2


In an earlier post we examined two of the top interview tips for hiring for accounting jobs: conduct an internal assessment of the role’s requirements, and formulate a scorecard based on that assessment.

Today we look at the value of asking open-ended questions based on key competencies. These questions should require the candidate to specifically identify the role he/she played in facilitating the success of a given outcome.

Key Competencies

The most successful finance and accounting professionals seem to share the same traits. Asking questions that get candidates to explore integrity, technical knowledge, creativity and their personal commitment to helping their team succeed, allows you to separate quality talent from the unexceptional. A question such as, “Give me an example of an accounting error you’ve made in the past. How did you recover from it,” addresses a candidate’s technical knowledge, creativity and integrity and works for all levels of finance professionals.

Drill Down to the “I

We all love a team player, but one of the top interview tips when hiring for accounting jobs, is to ensure that you ask questions that get candidates to explain what specific role they played in facilitating a successful outcome.  For example, you could ask, “Describe a situation where you had to build a collaborative relationship with others in order to achieve a particular goal. What steps did you take to ensure that the relationship was a success?” This question has the added benefit of working for all levels of accounting professionals and enables you to see if the talent can meet team metrics.

Hiring finance and accounting professionals is challenging, but by using the two tips outlined above you increase your chances of bringing a quality hire into your organization.