Traits to Look for When Hiring Accountants


There are a number of traits to look for if you need to hire a top notch accountant. In fact, our research into performance revealed a few surprises. For example, team preference did not show up on the top 5 list of traits to look for when hiring an accountant. Surprised?

Read on to find out which skills can fast-track your career and which can derail you.


The Traits of Top Performing Accountants
Likeability vs Communication
An ability to communicate with different personalities should not be confused with likeability. In fact, the hiring managers and C-Suite members we spoke to were quite clear that they prized an employee who could build business partnerships and position information depending on the audience receiving it. They did not see this as a function of likeability so much as an understanding of people’s individual drivers and communication styles.

Candidates who demonstrated initiative and a genuine motivation to engage in dedicated hard work were sought out by our hiring managers.

We all know that the path to project completion never runs smoothly (and if yours consistently does then we need you to write a book that we can buy). Great accountants are not swayed by set-backs. They have the resilience to complete their task or project in spite of obstacles, and they tend to have a solutions-focused mentality.

Starter vs Finisher
Hiring managers emphasized that it was important to understand a candidate’s preference for idea generation (a starter) or process completion (a finisher). To learn about the benefits of being a starter or finisher, read this blog.

Extroversion vs Introversion
When asked how important extroversion or introversion was in a candidate, our C-Suite members indicated that it wasn’t a driving factor in the success of their hires.

For a hiring manager, understanding which traits can lead to top level performance can help refine the hiring process. This includes crafting interview questions designed to identify which candidates have the desired qualities that drive success. For someone in job search mode, understanding the traits that senior managers value can mean a more effective resume or interview. If you want to read more about this topic, check out this Clarity Labs report.

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