3 Personalities You Want on Your Finance Team


A strong team is comprised of different personalities that mesh together seamlessly to achieve great outcomes.

But which personalities do you need on your finance team to ensure you hit your goals?

Read on to find out.

The Finisher

As a CFO once told us, “When I hire a finisher I don’t hear about problems. Instead, I get solutions.” Finishers see a process through to completion. They deliver on outcomes, are task-oriented and thrive on executing efficiently. If you want something done well and on time, make sure you have a finisher as a part of your finance team.

The Resilient Winner

In the deadline driven world of accounting and finance you need someone who flourishes under pressure. Resilient winners are not intimidated by setbacks. They re-evaluate, re-tool and approach the issue from a different angle. They are great problem solvers, open to collaborative feedback and respond to challenges with determination.

The Strong Communicator

We’re not talking about someone who can give a great Toastmasters speech. Rather, a strong communicator is someone who can accurately articulate challenges and opportunities to both their team and their non-financial peers. They create buy-in by making the information relevant, helping people see opportunities and embracing change. Fundamentally, a good finance team needs a strong communicator.

If you want a team that excels, ensure you have finishers who can bring a task to completion. You also need people who aren’t intimidated by setbacks and thrive under pressure. To get buy-in, add a strong communicator. By having these 3 personalities on your team, you position everyone for success.