3 Reasons Millennials are an Asset to Your Finance Team


There are so many stereotypes about Generation Y (Millennials) such as they’re lazy, obsessed with social media and not particularly ambitious.

And while your average Millennial is definitely plugged in to a variety of social media, this particular cohort brings with it some very specific advantages that can benefit your finance team.

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are generally energetic, motivated and eager to advance. They want to learn and grow with their company, with 52% identifying opportunities for career progression as making an employer attractive (Forbes, “Why You Should Be Hiring Millennials”). With their desire to build a reputation, Millennials are often willing to take on menial tasks in order to gain experience, making them valuable team contributors.

Millennials grew up inundated by technology. Interestingly, we’re seeing many Millennials leaving university with above average to superior Excel skills. This familiarity with technology also means that they’re quick to learn new ERP systems and aren’t intimidated by new programs.

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There’s a lot of competition for Millennials to get hired with their firm of choice. As an employer this gives you a larger hiring pool of talent to choose from. They are open to being mentored and many of them are working through their CPA designation, offering you good value for money.

With their technological-savvy, willingness to learn and desire to advance, Millennials can be valuable additions to any finance team.

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