3 Things You Should Do if You Are Looking for a Finance Career Change


If the thought of going to work makes you emit a high pitched keening noise that only dogs can hear, it may be time to consider a finance career change.

There are, however, 3 things you should do before you take action and leave it all behind.

Evaluate Progress
Firstly, take a step back, look at what you’ve accomplished and ask yourself if it aligns with where you want to go. Put another way, do your technical skills acquired to date lay the foundation for the next successful step. If not, it may be time to redirect your focus. This may mean a change within your existing organization, or perhaps a transition to a new company is in order. Regardless, once you’ve re-evaluated your progress to date, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do to move your career forward.

Evaluate Fit
The next step is to evaluate the industry and type of company you are currently working for. Are they a fit for your core values and future plans? For example, a fast-moving, small start-up, where you can likely be involved in the overall business strategy, might be a better fit than the larger organization you currently work for. Or maybe you need to change industries, in which case assess your risk tolerance. Changing industries, after all, creates a large learning curve. If this inspires you, then so be it. If it gives you pause for thought, ask yourself why.

Build a Relationship with a Recruiter
Tenured finance and accounting recruiters can help you take the next step in your career. With their established network of employers, knowledge of different industries and awareness of what it takes to make a career transition, successful recruiters can be valuable allies in the job search process.

Changing roles, companies or industries can be exciting and sometimes terrifying. Take the time to evaluate your progress to date and the overall fit of your company and industry. Build a relationship with an experienced finance and accounting recruiter to give you an edge. Remember, success occurs when preparation meets opportunity, so prepare accordingly for the next great step in your finance career.