5 Qualities of High Performance Accountants: Part 2


Yesterday we examined the importance of how attention to detail, commitment to personal ethics and achieving aggressive deadlines are all hallmarks of high-performance accountants. But there are two other qualities lived by high performance accountants.

Continuous Improvement

The commitment to continuous improvement for successful accountants manifests in two specific ways. Firstly, they are committed to developing their own professional toolbox. Whether it’s seeking their designation, or taking additional Excel courses, high-performance accountants understand that to drive value for their organizations they need to stay current and relevant.

Secondly, the best accountants are not satisfied with existing processes if they deem them inefficient. In their typically respectful fashion, high-performance accountants will identify processes in need of improvement and make suggestions on how to maximize efficiency and increase value.

Team First

Top-performing accountants have a team first mentality. Their collaborative communication style makes them valuable problem solvers and their desire to see others be successful makes them exceptional leaders and mentors. Their energy, innovation and genuine desire to understand their team members’ points of view can drive remarkable results.

Successful accountants generally raise the bar for those around them. Their desire to improve themselves means that they can evolve with a company’s vision. Their collaborative approach to team initiatives and projects can rally people to achieve success, while their eye for efficiency can result in innovative solutions to existing problems. Fundamentally, they could be the V8 engine that powers your company to achieve its organizational goals.

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