What to Look for When Hiring Accounting Contractors


The grumbling on your team is getting louder. This new initiative is daunting. Tired and overworked, your normally smooth functioning team is starting to struggle.

It’s time to hire. You consider bringing an accounting contractor on board, but you aren’t sure exactly what to look for.

Here are three things to consider when hiring a new, temporary member for your team.

Similar Companies/Industries
To ensure that your contractor can hit the ground running look for a candidate who has worked for a company or industry similar to yours. For example, the demands of a larger company may overwhelm someone who has only worked for smaller organizations. Consider as well that company culture can influence the success of a candidate. With this in mind, a candidate who has worked for an organization with a similar culture and mandate has a better chance of meshing with your team than someone who hasn’t.

Periods of Employment
Look carefully at your potential hire’s work history. The rule of thumb “longer is better” applies. After all, a candidate who has excelled is typically rewarded with a contract extension. Similarly, employees who have been successful in full-time positions stay in their roles longer, sometimes working their way up the corporate ladder. Longevity is a hallmark of success.

Familiarity with Accounting Systems
If you are recruiting on a tight timeline, try to identify candidates who have worked with the specific accounting systems, programs or other technology used by your organization. Their familiarity means they can start delivering results quickly, relieving the pressure from the rest of your finance team. It also means that in more senior roles, such as an analyst position, you are positioning your candidate for success.

Whether it’s because the team’s workload has increased, or you need to hire for a specific skill set, an accounting contractor can be a positive addition to your organization, particularly if you follow the three tips above.