Tips for Accountants: 3 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn


There’s no doubt that having a fantastic LinkedIn profile can take your job search efforts to the next level.

But how do you get noticed on LinkedIn without shameless self-promotion?

Here are 3 ways to become the candidate that gets noticed.

Join Groups and Participate

Whether it’s Toronto Chartered Accountants, or Career Opportunities for Toronto Accounting Professionals, joining a group on LinkedIn connects you with people in your field, broadening your network and opening you up to specific opportunities. And while simply joining can help you connect to recruiters, posting relevant comments, or creating discussions, positions you as a thought leader and therefore gets you noticed.

Write Recommendations

We all know that recommendations help demonstrate our value to possible employers and recruiters. But consider, as well, writing recommendations for people that you have worked for or with. Not only does this create a warm, fuzzy feeling for the recipient, keeping you front of mind for possible opportunities, but the recommendation also appears on that individual’s profile, gaining exposure for you to their network. Who knows, maybe someone in their network is looking for someone with a skill set just like yours.

List Achievements

Rather than focusing on simply listing what you did in a job, focus on what you achieved. No job title should be without an achievements section. Accounting is a results-oriented profession, so write your profile in outcome focused language. Consider what value you brought to the organization, projects that you led to a successful completion and initiatives that you took a key role in. When employers and recruiters find themselves combing through the same lists of duties and skills, a profile that speaks to outcomes and achievements stands out.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you already understand the value of this social media platform. But to get noticed and get hired, list achievements, write recommendations and participate actively in groups. These three things position you as a difference maker and someone who can add value to an organization.