Top 3 Finance and Accounting Hiring Lessons From 2014


When we started Clarity Recruitment we wanted to change the hiring landscape.

In order to do that we needed to learn and evolve. With the average bad hire costing 100% of the employee’s first year salary, the impetus for creating a successful process was substantial. Here are our top 3 finance and accounting hiring lessons from 2014.

Lesson 1: If You’re Going to Use A Recruiting Agency Do Your Due Diligence
We encourage you to do your due diligence before you agree to partner with a particular recruiting company. It’s worth determining if the firm has invested its time and capital in creating a different approach to delivering talent:

  • How does the recruiting agency create alignment between candidates, clients and themselves?
  • How effective are they at identifying bias in the hiring process and removing it?
  • What is their guarantee? Are they willing to share the risk?

With tight hiring timelines it can be tempting to simply dust off old job postings, but if you do bring a recruiter on board to help, do your due diligence. It will save you money and help you hire well the first time.

Lesson 2: Data Is Better
We all want to work with people we like, but a feeling of rapport can get in the way of objectivity in the hiring process. Look instead to data to help you make decisions. It helps to remove bias, leading to a successful hire.

Lesson 3: It’s a Partnership
Ultimately the partnership between the recruiter and the client dictate success. Be prepared to collaborate. Give the recruiter access to the line manager and commit to booking interviews. A partnership founded on mutual respect and transparency dictates the course of the hiring process.

Like you, we want a successful placement outcome. And we’ve learned that due diligence, a transparent partnership and a data driven approach results in just that.