3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Accountant


You stare at one of your team members uncomprehendingly. Did he really just resign with only two weeks notice and a big initiative pending?

Before you hit the eject button or shout “You’re hired!” at the next person who walks through the door, consider taking a deep breath and asking these three questions to increase your chances of a successful hire.

What Does the Business Need Now and In the Future?

Businesses are constantly evolving, and while your immediate needs can drive the agenda, think about the future as well. At the end of the day, you want someone who can grow with the organization. Develop a list of role requirements by talking to the key stakeholders who are most impacted by the hiring decision. This will streamline the process by creating buy-in at the early stages.

Is the Budget in Place?

If you need to move quickly on a hire, you need to be sure that you have the budget approval to do so. If you want a top performer, you need to have budgeted accordingly. Great accounting talent costs money and there’s no point securing them for six months, only to lose them to a more lucrative opportunity.

What Team Dynamics Are at Play?

Let’s face it, in order for your new hire to be successful he or she must mesh with the rest of the team. And while generic competencies are important, so too are the core values your candidate brings to the table. Team members that disagree on their core values, will differ philosophically. You don’t have time to be a referee, so think about your team, their working style and try to hire accordingly.

When the chips are down and timelines are tight for hiring an accountant, ask yourself the three questions above to save you energy, time and money.