3 Things All CFO Resumes Should Include


CFOs today often serve as advisers to the CEO, offering timely strategic advice regarding company operations and growth.

As such, your resume needs to brand you as a leader and business partner.

If you want to create a CFO resume that knocks it out of the park, consider including the following three things.

Professional Brand
Your resume must position you as being a strategic and forward-thinking leader – a person who is adept at building business partnerships and consensus. Make sure to clearly articulate your successes. Fundamentally, your brand needs to show you as someone who can handle difficult transitions (think implementing changes in systems or finance processes) while demonstrating an ability to add future-focused value.

Details and Scope
What are the metrics behind the message of your professional brand? Be specific in your details, they become your competitive advantage. Translate hard facts into outcomes achieved and make sure to tie the specifics of your past success into the role you want.

Financial and Technological Acumen
Include the full scope of your financial expertise. If you have core competencies such as performance management or team development that have historically allowed you to deliver on company expectations, then make sure to demonstrate how they have aligned and supported your financial acumen. As well, with increasing interest in cloud-based technologies that streamline processes and consolidate data, any expertise with this type of cutting edge technology should also be explored.

If you want to create a CFO resume that gets you noticed and hired make sure to clearly articulate how your professional brand makes you an accomplished leader. Focus on being outcome specific in your language and if you have any relevant technological acumen, make sure to include that too. With this type of CFO resume, you set yourself up to land that great C-suite opportunity you’re gunning for.