4 Personality Traits to Look for When Hiring Accountants


When it comes to the hiring process we quite often prioritize likeability over other traits that are greater predictors of success. After all, it’s human nature to want to work with someone we like.

At Clarity Recruitment we decided to do some research into what traits were most likely to lead to successful outcomes. Here is a snapshot of what we found out.

Communication Skills
Assuming that the candidate fulfilled the technical requirements for the role, an ability to communicate effectively was the trait that was seen as the biggest predictor for success.

Grit and Resilience
When we talked to hiring managers and C-Suite members, they identified grit and resilience as two hallmarks of an employee who would deliver for an organization. This makes sense, an employee with a high drive to succeed would be solutions-focused, not barriers-focused.

While every team needs an idea generator, it was those employees described as ‘finishers’ that managers felt were most successful. Employees who are ‘finishers’ embrace the process and see projects or tasks through to completion and this made them particularly valuable when it came to achieving outcomes.

Great accountants are invested in their careers. They realize they need to stay current and take additional professional development in order to do so. They are committed to their team and organization and willing to work extra hours in order to get a job done.

When it comes to hiring accountants, it can be tempting to prioritize likeability, but in the end you need someone who can build relationships, finish what they started and is driven to achieve. That person will add the most value and it is this person that you need to hire.