How to Attract Better Accountants to Your Company


If you love to scale mountains, chances are you won’t find your soul mate at a convention designed to help people with a fear of heights.

Similarly, by understanding the kind of accountant that meshes with your company’s core values and culture, you have a better chance of attracting them.

Why? Because once you know what you need, you can make sure that the message you are delivering when you recruit talent, resonates with the kind of person you want on board.

Job Descriptions

Gone are the days when a dry list of requirements was enough to attract top talent. Job descriptions need to be written in your brand’s voice and speak directly to the candidate. Top talent wants to be excited about working for your company. They need to see themselves in your job description. With this in mind, know your core values, speak to them in a way that would resonate with top performers and then write an engaging job description. As a tip, keep in mind that great accountants are attracted to brands that position themselves as offering opportunities for personal excellence, professional development and strong team support.

Skill Growth

Do you encourage your employees to grow their professional skill set? As an employer looking to attract people who can drive results, you need to be able to answer the question, “Can you explain the training opportunities that your company offers?” Your answer needs to clearly communicate the benefits of your professional development program. Do you offer mentoring? Even better.

Benefits and Brand Messaging

Your brand messaging must be consistent. Whether it’s your internal recruitment team, or job descriptions, everything and everyone needs to stay on message. This also applies to your benefits package. For example, if you claim to prioritize work/life balance, consider offering a stipend to contribute towards the physical activity of your employee’s choice. By offering benefits that connect to your core values you show that you’re a company that practices what it preaches.

Want to attract better accountants?  Craft a brand that speaks to them. Create opportunities for professional development and keep your messaging consistent. By doing so, you stand a better chance of recruiting and ultimately retaining quality talent.