Why the Best Finance Recruiters are Proactive


The best recruiters understand that in order to be successful they must be proactive.

Finance recruiters who do not actively engage the marketplace and understand how to connect with prospective employers and candidates do not drive the best results. Fundamentally, successful recruiters know that being proactive leads to a partnership between an exceptional candidate and a great company – a win-win for all involved.

The Network

While we’ve said it many times, it bears repeating – great recruiters are great networkers. Because they never know what type of job will need to be filled, gifted recruiters connect with quality candidates on a daily basis. They maintain their relationships with high-level employers and hiring agents, enabling them to access opportunities quickly and efficiently. The best finance recruiters truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace through their exceptional networking skills.


A great recruiter understands how proactively marketing candidates can lead to successful results. Because finance recruiters connect with finance and accounting personnel all day every day, they quickly come to understand what constitutes quality in a potential candidate and how to market him or her.

For example, if a capable recruiter meets a great candidate, they quickly summarize their resume, making sure to select the qualities that make the candidate the most marketable. They then assemble a list of employers that might be a fit, proactively contacting them to communicate that they have a quality candidate who might help the organization. Even though there may not be an opening, great finance recruiters look for companies whose past searches may align with the background of the candidate they are trying to place. Quite often this proactive approach leads to placing the candidate with the organization – a win-win partnering.

Recruiters who proactively connect with their network and market their candidates end up with successful results – a union of great candidates with an organization that values them.