How Working with Financial Recruiters Can Improve Your Business


Partnering with a capable financial recruiter to make a hire can make your life a lot easier – here’s how.

You’ve been trying to fill a position at your firm for nearly two months, but the “must have” resume has yet to cross your desk. It certainly hasn’t been for want of effort. You’ve tried advertising on your website. You’ve put up postings on the major online job sites (or, more likely these days, LinkedIn and other social media). At this point, you’re considering talking to your cousin Mary about her bridge partner, “the accountant.”

Like most of us, you have too much to do and too little time to do it. Thankfully, you have options. Some employers might have a dim opinion of recruiting firms, based on a negative experience of working with one. To be sure, some recruiters can drive their clients crazy. But working with the right finance recruiter can dramatically improve your odds of finding a quality candidate – someone who can excel in the role and help your company achieve its next milestone – while saving you plenty of time and money.

Finding top talent

Financial recruiters can help your business by granting you quick and easy access to top talent. Each day, every day, tenured finance recruiters build relationships and connect with high caliber accounting and finance professionals. An accomplished finance recruiter has a strong sense of the market and understands what defines a quality candidate.

More importantly, financial recruiters know how to tap the all-important but ever-elusive pool of passive jobseekers – those candidates who might be interested in changing roles if the right opportunity came along, but are not typically chasing job postings. Financial recruiters can connect you with these accounting superstars, to help you build your very own finance A-Team.

But working with the right finance recruiter can dramatically improve your odds of finding a quality candidate – someone who can excel in the role and help your company achieve its next milestone – while saving you plenty of time and money.

Setting realistic expectations

Financial recruiters will partner with you to develop realistic expectations about the hiring process. They can aid you in narrowing and defining the key requirements of the role you’re hiring for, as well as identifying the kind of candidates who would represent a true fit with your organization.

Working with a financial recruiter ensures that you’re sent only the most qualified and capable candidates, streamlining the hiring process for you and everyone else involved. Financial recruiters can also help you to establish realistic salary expectations for the position. That way, you won’t lose your hire of choice one year down the road to another firm that offers them a more competitive compensation package – forcing you to begin your job search anew. A recruiter can ensure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year.

Financial recruiters can connect you with accounting superstars and help you build your very own finance A-Team.

Delivering speed to market

A good finance recruiter will take on the most time-consuming elements of the hiring process, allowing you to focus on what matters – i.e., your job. After your finance recruiter has done most of the dirty work, you will be presented with a number of qualified applicants, each of whom has been pre-screened according to the requirements that you’ve already identified as important to the position and company. A good recruiter will focus not only on candidates’ accounting and financial competencies, but also on their match with the core values and fit with team dynamics. And the best recruiters will provide clarity (pun intended!) on all facets of a candidate, so that the time you spend interviewing them can be more targeted and efficient.

Anyone who is responsible for running a company, whether large or small, knows that time and energy are valuable commodities. Financial recruiters save you both of these by streamlining the hiring process and giving you access to the top talent in the market.  An established financial recruitment firm, with a reputation for delivering client satisfaction, can provide genuine value, helping you find a hire that meets your requirements and fits with your company’s culture. Using financial recruiters lets you focus on what matters – hiring the right person, as expeditiously and painlessly as possible. What more could you ask for?

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