Why Exclusive Searches Are the Best Way to Recruit Top Talent


When you have to fill a role it might seem logical to engage multiple firms. After all, if you increase the number of recruiting agencies, then you improve the chances of success. Right? Not exactly.

While it might be appealing to take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, there are some advantages that come with using an exclusive search. Here are 3 of them.

Devotion of Resources
While a chance to place a candidate makes any recruiter spring into action, the opportunity at an exclusive search means additional effort is invested. An exclusive search allows the recruiter time to fully explore the candidate pool. This effort typically pays off in a better shortlist for the client to interview.

Want accountability from your recruiting agency? Consider an exclusive search. It will hold the firm to a higher performance standard.

Ever play that game of telephone when you were a kid? Everyone sat in a circle and one person would whisper a message in someone else’s ear, who would then, in turn, whisper it to the person sitting beside them and so on. Of course, by the time the circle was complete the message bore little resemblance to its original form.

That’s what happens when multiple firms are competing to place someone. Different messages are relayed to the candidate pool about a company’s branding, culture and the role to be filled. This can potentially mean the wrong candidates are attracted to the position and the right candidates are not.

Exclusive searches offer many advantages. When only one firm is engaged there is additional accountability to find the right fit – something that definitely benefits the client. Exclusive searches also result in more consistent messaging to the candidate pool and this attracts the correct kind of talent. Ultimately, an exclusive search increases your chances of landing the right person for your organization.