Refreshing Your Finance Resume for 2015


Your finance resume is your marketing calling card.

Done well, it can set you apart from the pack. Done poorly and it can get you placed on the discard pile. If your resume is in need of a facelift, here are a few suggestions that will help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Professional Development
Have you taken any courses this year that increase your marketability such as additional systems training? If so, make sure to include them on your resume. While the school you attended can be a great credibility indicator, so too can the additional time you’ve spent investing in your career.

Build a Career Story
What story are you telling? Filter out irrelevant info that doesn’t speak to your career trajectory, or align with your professional brand. If you’re heavily involved in financial planning and analysis, for example, and you want to continue in this direction, ensure you highlight your accomplishments. Be specific in your details and always keep your goals in mind.

Outcome Focused
Too many resumes are general, listing duties performed rather than outcomes achieved. If you took the lead on a project and it led to some very specific wins, then list them under your achievements section. Ask yourself what you’re doing right now, or have done in the last year that has added value to your organization.

Stand out by crafting a resume that effectively communicates your professional brand. If you have accomplishments, skills or education that differentiate you from your peers, include them. Resumes are often the basis of your future employer’s first impression of you, so make a good one.