Toronto Accountant? How to Play to Your Strengths in an Interview


In the make or break moment of an accounting interview you need to play to your strengths. But how do you do that without appearing overconfident?

When it comes to conducting a gold star interview, here are three ways to highlight what makes you exceptional.

Industry Experience
Employers want candidates who have relevant industry experience, or who have worked in an industry that is similar enough to offer significant transferable skills. Identify the key role requirements and match your experience to them. Be specific about what you know and what you’ve accomplished. Fundamentally, your prospective employer is looking for someone with a quick ramp up time, so show that you can be that person by highlighting your relevant achievements.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills
We can’t emphasize this enough – you need to show that you can build business partnerships in order to be the candidate of choice. Offer examples of where you’ve created consensus, or dealt with a difficult personality in order to achieve an outcome. Speak to the challenge that existed, the action you took and the positive results that ensued.

Ask Questions
Ask questions that allow you to show your understanding of the company’s challenges or accomplishments based on the research you’ve conducted. If done properly, asking the right question allows you to turn the interview into a two-way conversation where you demonstrate that your past experience can add value. Once an interviewer has engaged you on a problem-solving level, you can position yourself as someone who could help the company achieve its objectives.

Want to nail your accounting interview? Emphasize your ability to foster business partnerships. Highlight your industry experience or transferable skills and ask questions that help create buy-in. At the end of the day, great interviews start with an understanding of your strengths and how to communicate them effectively.