Career Development Tips for Accountants


As you continue to work in your current role, it’s easy to become complacent. But if you want to accelerate your career, refine your ambition and channel it into successful outcomes, you need a plan.

And whether you decide to take the road less traveled, or drive a direct line, a sense of who you are, a willingness to follow the learning and a determination to foster success in others can result in a surprisingly satisfying career.

Career Development Tip #1 – Find the Right Cultural Fit 

Whether you enjoy working independently, or as a high valued member of a cohesive team, to be happy (and successful) it is imperative that you understand what you need in a company culture. Fundamentally, happier employees are more productive, and productive employees get promoted.

Career Development Tip #2 – Follow the Learning

To stay marketable as accountants, we must stay relevant. Our advice: follow the learning, rather than focusing only on the financial bottom line. Prospective employers look for accountants that have a proven track record of success in a variety of situations. Even if it means taking a small reduction in pay, an opportunity to grow your professional toolbox is priceless.

Career Development Tip #3 – Build Business Partnerships

Today’s accountants must be able to communicate effectively with their non-financial peers. Consequently, the ability to build successful business partnerships with both your team and cross-functionally is of paramount importance in accelerating your career. Remember, true business partnerships are founded on a posture of service.

In order to take your career to the next level, you need a willingness to define what is important to you and a desire to foster success in others. By doing so, and following the learning, you position yourself to make effective decisions that can lead to a high level of career satisfaction.

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