Toronto Accountant? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Job Market


Even if you’re not actively searching for your new role, it pays to keep informed about what’s happening in the job market. After all, unexpected transitions can mean you’re back in the thick of it again. If you’re a Toronto accountant, here are three key things you need to know about job trends in the finance and accounting industry.

Buyers’ Market
Currently the search for quality roles is highly competitive. With the recent changes in the retail sector in Ontario we’re seeing an increase in the availability of strong candidates. These new jobseekers are willing to take on both permanent and contract roles and often have transferrable skills that make them quite marketable.

Industry Trends
Industries such as technology, services, real estate and financial services are all actively hiring. Some sectors, such as the retail market, appear to be on a downward trend but are actually quite resilient. Many retailers, for example, are still bringing people on board and flourishing.

We understand. You may be wary of contract roles. But contracts can offer an opportunity to fill a skills gap, gain experience in an industry you want to work in and offer flexibility and financial reward. Most importantly, they can offer you a foot in the door. With employers often utilizing the ‘try before you buy approach’ to test drive a particular candidate, taking a contract role can position you for the permanent role you want.

Staying abreast of changes in the job market makes sense. Connect with a recruiter to better understand industry trends and upcoming opportunities. Consider contract roles and know that in a buyers’ market it pays to be informed.