5 Reasons to Build a Finance Interview Process


Much like wandering the grocery store without a list, hiring without a carefully crafted finance interview process is inefficient and costly.

You risk missing something, being dissatisfied with the results and having to start all over again.  So if you want to improve your chances of hiring well, consider following these 5 reasons for building a finance interview process.

Reason 1: Selling Your Vision

Top talent is typically recruited. They want to know about your company’s vision and their part in achieving it. By building an interview process that involves an internal assessment of the role’s requirements and future direction, you increase your chances of selling them on your organization’s vision – a critical part of the recruiting process.

Reason 2: Effective Screening

By taking the time to write and ask well-written, open-ended questions you can separate candidates who can drive value for your organization, from those whose skill set may not be a match.

Reason 3: Buy-in

A well-crafted finance interview process means deciding who the candidates need to meet and why. Doing so allows key stakeholders most impacted by the hiring decision to have a voice in the final result, encouraging buy-in from them and connecting the candidate with the key people he/she will have to interact with on a daily basis.

Reason 4: Securing Candidates of Choice

Creating an interview process that is tied to a specific timeline helps you to secure top talent more effectively. Remember your candidate of choice may be interviewing with other companies.

Reason 5: HR’s Role

It is important to define when HR steps into the process. Fundamentally you need all the key decision-makers on the same page. After all, you don’t want to lose your candidate in the 11th hour.

Any finance interview process involves breaking down the role’s key requirements, being able to sell top talent on the vision of your organization and engaging the key stakeholders in the discussion. Doing so gives you a greater chance of recruiting and securing the kind of employees that deliver value.