The Most Coveted Accounting Jobs in Toronto


Some accounting and finance jobs tend to attract more interest than others. Here are our observations on the hottest types of accounting positions in the GTA today, and the reasons why they’re in such demand.

Good news, Toronto accountants! Service Canada predicts that accounting services will benefit from the modest economic growth that’s expected for the 2011-2015 period. This means that accounting and financial services continue to be relatively good industries to work in – even during a recession – and will only improve as the economy bounces back into shape.

But not all accounting jobs are created equal. Certain positions in the industry are bound be more popular or highly sought-after than others – regardless of the state of the global economy.

So what are the most coveted types of accounting jobs in the Toronto scene? From our perspective as accounting and finance recruiters, we’ve been able to identify some important patterns in hiring and recruiting that you will want to pay attention to, if you’re looking for a better accounting job in this city.

Senior positions

Everyone wants to be their own boss. This is hardly news. Most people yearn to be the person in charge, calling the shots and making the big decisions. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of candidates out there gunning for accounting jobs in positions of power – senior roles, like director, vice-president, and CFO. These sorts of accounting jobs are coveted because they provide the opportunity for people to be strategic and impactful, especially as the role of finance is seen increasingly as one of business partnership, rather than bookkeeping.

What we’ve recently noticed, however, is that there’s been a significant uptick in both supply and demand for accounting jobs at the director and vice-president levels. Until recently, companies have done most of their hiring for junior-level accounting and finance positions. But there now appears to be a need to build capacity on the senior side, and the Toronto market is starting to demand more candidates for managerial roles.

Whether this is a sudden surge or reflects a longer-term shift remains to be seen. Either way, individuals qualified to fill accounting jobs in senior and management-level roles should take note and make sure they know what’s out there.

…there’s been a significant uptick in both supply and demand for accounting jobs at the director and vice-president levels.

Opportunities to impact business

Accounting job candidates are always telling us that they “want to be part of something that impacts a business.” Accountants, after all, can sometimes feel as if they’re trapped in their own little private worlds of ledgers and spreadsheets. Feeling removed from the overall, more holistic, functioning of the businesses they serve or work within, many accountants are looking to nab accounting roles that promise them real voices within their organizations.

As a result of this desire for meaningful input into business decisions and operations, accounting jobs in business analysis, strategy and decision-making are in hot pursuit. Positions like Senior Director of Finance Improvement, Director of Operations and Finance, Senior Manager of Finance and Director of Finance, Revenue Management are, to name a few, quite coveted. Don’t expect demand for these jobs to let up any time soon.

Accounting job candidates are always telling us that they “want to be part of something that impacts a business.”

Cross-functional positions 

Because most folks are not interested in working in an accounting-only silo, accounting jobs in Toronto that allow for significant cross-functionality are highly sought after. Jobs that allow accounting professionals to gain exposure to different areas of business and to interact with staff across departments – in technology, finance, sales, operations, etc. – are extremely popular right now.

Accounting and finance recruiters Toronto

Certain types of accounting jobs in Toronto will always be more competitive or more in demand than others. But with the current demand for senior and managerial positions, it may be time for those stuck in a career rut or who are looking for a job that promises more analysis and impact, and less number-crunching and calculating, to start hitting the job boards (or, more likely these days, social media), polishing their LinkedIn profiles, and perfecting their elevator pitches. Be sure to strike while the iron is hot!

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